Review of Neter Gold's "Oil Enriched" Wide-Tooth Detangling Comb

Review and hair video in one. It's me back with a new haircut to review Neter Gold's "Oil Enriched" Wide-Tooth Detangling Comb. Also letting you all know that I am now an Ambassador for Neter Gold. Use the coupon code "cherlnell" for a 10% off. Neter Gold is an awesome company that makes natural products that work great for melanated people skin and hair. The other cool thing about this company is that they donate a portion of their proceeds to different organizations in Washington D.C.

Upcoming Summer #WTIWorkshops And Please Donate

Okay Loves here is the situation, I teach "Writing Through It Workshops" so that people can reveal, deal, and heal from negative emotions and to commemorate and celebrate the positive ones. I use journaling and other techniques to help participants reach these goals. I have volunteered to facilitate three Workshops for free this month that are quickly approaching. Unfortunately I don't have enough journals to cover all of the classes. So I am asking all that can please donate $3 so that my participants can have something to write on when they come to my class. 
There are two ways to donate: or $Cherlnell on cash app. 
With your help we can make this happen! 
Thank you! #cherlnell #wtiworkshops #iel3 #queensofacertainage

My upcoming 2018 summer #wtiworkshops. Please donate $3 so that the participants may have journals! or cash app: $Cherlnell