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Cherlnell Lane is an author, poet, and teacher who has a different approach from your average South Side Chicagoan. She uses her words to create incredible worlds and stories that change the minds of those around her. Dealing with topics most people won’t dare mention. Cherlnell uses her life experiences; to reach people with her blog, inspire people with her written work, and teach people with her curriculum. Cherlnell came up with “Writing Through It Workshops” in September 2016, to help people deal, heal, and release or seal their emotions in a positive way while connecting with others. Her first two books Confessions of the Other Woman (2013), a story is written in poetic form and Tales of an Undiscovered Writer (2014) [E-Book] a collection of poetry and short stories are available on Amazon. You can find out more information on her website, her YouTube channel “Cherlnell” or by following her on social media @Cherlnell everywhere.


After graduating from Whitney M. Young Magnet High School, Cherlnell created “Sisters Standing Together in Womanhood” as a single mother, bringing together women, by empowering them to become resources in their community. Her community work only enhanced her first love, writing. Cherlnell matriculated to Columbia College Chicago where she majored in Fiction. Academia along with the world around her would be the best educational setting she could ask for.

Cherlnell changed her pen name to “C.J. Lane” in 2015 with the release of her story “Penetrating Innocence” which was published in the anthology, My Journey to Exodus: How My Pain Produced Promise (August 2015.) Pushing that theme further she started “Writing Through Everyday Trauma” (September 2016) a class created to help African Americans process the stress placed on them daily through injustice with the use of journaling and other methods.


Writing under the pen name “Cookie Battles”, Lane created her blog, “A Black Woman Living In Pain” (2008,) which gave readers a glimpse into her life as she dealt with being a wife and mother while battling Fibromyalgia and Bipolar Disorder. She also released her first book, “Confessions of The Other Woman: Works From a Different Perspective,” in March 2013 and followed that in July 2014 with an eBook of short stories and poems titled “Tales of an Undiscovered Writer.”

Lane won her first national writing contest from The B Envelope in October 2014. That same month she started the “Cookie Jar Poetry Open Mic” at the historic South Side Community Art Center in Chicago, IL.

Lane continues to delve into different areas of the literary world through her new website and blog, (IE-L3) The Infinite Evolution of Life, Learning, and Love. Cherlnell continues to create more content to share with the world by writing to evolve minds one word at a time.*


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Timeline of Accomplishments

* Started writing under Cookie Battles in 1997-2015.

* Started blog "A Black Woman Living in Pain" in 2007

* Started teaching writing workshops in 2008.

* Wrote the book "Confessions of The Other Woman" in 2013.

* Started in 2013.

* Wrote the book "Tales of an Undiscovered Writer" in 2014.

* Started and ran "The Cookie Jar" Open Mic from 2014-2015.

* "KolourConscious" Brand Ambassador from 2014- 2016.


* Wrote under the name C. J. Lane from 2015 to 2017.

* Started 2015.

* My Non-fiction story "Penetrating Innocence" was published in "My Journey to Exodus” in 2015.

* Won 2nd place in the National "The B Envelope" Short Story Writing Competition. 2015

* "Writing Through It Workshops" were born in Sep 2016

* Dropped pen names and started writing as Cherlnell Lane in 2017.

* Started in 2017.