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Cherlnell Lane, LLC is the company created by, author, poet, speaker, advocate, and facilitator Cherlnell Lane. Lane, “Bares her soul to heal yours” by using her words to create incredible worlds and stories that, change the minds of those around her. Dealing with topics most people won’t dare mention such as attempting suicide, living with STIs, and parenting a child with mental illness. Cherlnell uses her life experiences; to reach people with her blog, inspire people with her written work, and teach people with her curriculum. Cherlnell started writing and speaking at a very young age and hasn’t stopped since. Often called a storyteller, her poetry and other written work has transcended genres and covers a multitude of topics and emotions. She has performed all over Chicago, IL even hosting 2018’s National Poetry Slam’s Disability Open Mic and being a feature at Surviving The Mic, a poetry set started for survivors of sexual abuse.

In 2016, after seeing the horrible things happening around her Cherlnell started “Writing Through It Workshops” to help people learn to reveal, deal, and heal from negative emotions while commemorating and celebrating the positive ones. She also created “Healing Through It Summits,” all-day retreats focused on healing black women and girls. By dealing with or mastering a variety of topics by introducing or reinforcing different tools of healing. She also enjoys creating her blog, “The Infinite Evolution of Life, Learning, and Love”. It, like the rest of her writing, puts common faces on, what many may feel, are out of the world problems.

Her first two books; Confessions of the Other Woman (2013) and Tales of an Undiscovered Writer (2014) [E-Book], written under the pseudonym, Cookie Battles are collections of poetry and short stories are available on Amazon. You can contact Cherlnell by email, or find out more information on Cherlnell’s website Cherlnell Lane is a roaring fire, under a cool demeanor, with a kind soul, that she shares authentically in hopes of healing the world.



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Timeline of Accomplishments

* Started writing under Cookie Battles in 1997-2015.

* Started blog "A Black Woman Living in Pain" in 2007

* Started teaching writing workshops in 2008.

* Wrote the book "Confessions of The Other Woman" in 2013.

* Started in 2013.

* Wrote the book "Tales of an Undiscovered Writer" in 2014.

* Started and ran "The Cookie Jar" Open Mic from 2014-2015.

* "KolourConscious" Brand Ambassador from 2014- 2016.


* Wrote under the name C. J. Lane from 2015 to 2017.

* Started 2015.

* My Non-fiction story "Penetrating Innocence" was published in "My Journey to Exodus” in 2015.

* Won 2nd place in the National "The B Envelope" Short Story Writing Competition. 2015

* "Writing Through It Workshops" were born in Sep 2016

* Dropped pen names and started writing as Cherlnell Lane in 2017.

* Started in 2017.

* Taught a Writing Through It Workshop at The Black Lives Matter Chicago’s, “Black Arts & The Power of Healing Conference” in 2017.

* Featured at Surviving The Mic in 2018