Cherlnell Lane is a roaring fire, under a cool demeanor, with a kind soul, that she shares authentically in hopes of healing the world.

"When a person is going through hell, and she encounters someone who went through hellish hell and survived, then she can say, 'Mine is not so bad as all that. She came through, and so can I.'" -Maya Angelou



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Cherlnell Lane, LLC is the company created by, author, poet, speaker, advocate, and facilitator Cherlnell Lane. Lane, “Bares her soul to heal yours” by using her words to create incredible worlds and stories that, change the minds of those around her. Dealing with topics most people won’t dare mention such as attempting suicide, living with STIs, and parenting a child with mental illness. Cherlnell uses her life experiences; to reach people with her blog, inspire people with her written work, and teach people with her curriculum. Cherlnell started writing and speaking at a very young age and hasn’t stopped since. Often called a storyteller, her poetry and other written work has transcended genres and covers a multitude of topics and emotions. She has performed all over Chicago, IL even hosting 2018’s National Poetry Slam’s Disability Open Mic and being a feature at Surviving the MIc, a poetry set started for survivors of sexual abuse.

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Cherlnell has been featured on television  and radio. With poetry being one of her first loves, she started her initiative called The Cookie Jar Poetry Open Mic. in 2014. She was chosen to host the Disability Open Mic for the National Poetry Slam in 2018.

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Having published two books both published under the pen name Cookie Battles, Cherlnell continuously uses the pen to reach many within her community and beyond. The author has also featured an anthology, her third written work, under the name C. J. Lane. She was also publish in Releasing The Fear Vol. 1



Cherlnell is passionate about her community. She began Sisters Standing Together in Womanhood, the interactive creative writing class Writing Through Everyday Trauma, and the all-day Healing Through It Summit.

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The Infinite Evolution of Life, Learning, and Love #iel3

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Need a creative way to reach your community?

Cherlnell uses writing as a creative means to healing by using a variety of topics by using journaling and other writing techniques.

The workshops that Cherlnell uses as outreach for the community can also be used for your organization, business, or next event.

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