Review: My Beautiful Fluff

I was walking through this hair festival looking at the wears, hair oils, and butters when I saw the most beautiful tote bags, with the cutest women characters. They embodied different personalities and expressed different emotions. They were beautiful, fierce, and plus sized! The look on my face must have said it all because the woman running the station smiled at me and pointed up. I then saw shirts with the characters and followed her hand to make-up bags and then to the earrings. The big wooden buttons, not a button like you fasten your pants with but the ones you wear with messages were clearing speaking. They spoke of empowerment, “Magical Black Woman” and pride, the image of Africa filled with purple adinkra symbols. There were even some earrings with the characters from the shirts and bags on them. After making the painstaking decision of choosing what I was going to buy. I started chatting with the owner of the business.


Brittany Washington of “My Beautiful Fluff” ( was super nice and very inventive I found out as I talked to her about her business. Which is an artistic personality-filled fashion line for the fluffy woman that includes clothing, jewelry, and accessories. When I was done buying my goods I bid her goodbye and went on my way.


I loved my earrings and so did everyone else! So imagine my surprise when I found out that Brittany was looking for bloggers to test products and write reviews! I jumped at the chance. She soon sent me a package that I opened like a kid that had been waiting for their birthday! It had earrings that was coming out on the spring line, some with the original design, and my favorite ones “Kiss my Fluff” for when you need to let someone know. Then there at the bottom of the package was the “Self Love” tote & makeup bag that I fell in love with at the expo!



I have had this bag for months now and let me tell you... I love it. Her bags are lined and have zippers. They are very well made and I have washed mine about four or five times and this is how it looks now. I also love my fluffy sister on the bag how she’s so zen but confident. That’s probably because she has been saying all of these affirmations that surround her. “I am a Queen” “I am loved” “I am beautiful” Just the things we should be instilling in ourselves as black women. I loved the earrings almost just as much as I love the bag. Almost. Lol.

I thought this is a woman who is interesting plus was doing positive things so I decided to pick her brain.

Q1. So, Brittany, you have created this wonderful awesome brand for our fluffy sistas which we appreciate. Now we want to pick your brain. So where are you from and in what city do you now reside?

A1. I’m from the Quad Cities I was born in Rock Island, IL and now resides in Davenport, Iowa.

Q2. What is “My Beautiful Fluff” and how was it started?

A2. Wanting to embrace my journey back to natural hair I wanted to get the t-shirt with the colorful beautiful afros. However, they only went up to 3x or they were men’s shirts with the design on the front. I knew there had to be something for me. Curvaceous Curls was born which was the name originally until I decided I want to focus on clothing designed with curves in mind on a bigger scale. I remember the childhood nickname of fluffy that my mom so affectionately gave me from that Curvaceous Curls became the first design under My Beautiful Fluff.

I wanted My Beautiful Fluff to be empowering, motivating and encourage women to love themselves as they are.

Q3. My Beautiful Fluff has some awesome designs on a variety of products what has inspired some of these unique characters and sayings?

A3. Most of the characters and sayings are just things that I use on the daily. One of my favorite designs with the fan is an image from a Curvy Photo Shoot of myself that my amazing graphic designer tweaked to make it perfect. It is so far one of the most popular totes that we have. I also take customer input while at the She Event in December I had a customer who is part of a roller skating team and wanting to see an image with skates. I had an idea of retro skater girl with pretty puffs and my graphic designer made it a reality and it is now offered on earrings and totes. I get inspiration and ideas for a lot of different sources and part of the excitement is taking an idea from conception to an actual product.

Q4. MBF is making big girls happy all over the country but what is your favorite item from the brand

A4.I can’t just pick one item; my favorite items would have to be the Self Love Tote and Journal. That design is my favorite because it’s an embodiment of positive affirmations that I use myself.

Q5. You have such a wide selection of products what made you choose the products you did?

A5.I choose products that would be complementary to each other. I started with shirts then totes were added to my line, a journal that accompanied one of our totes and jewelry and makeup brush sets have been added to the rotation this year.

Q6. Where would you like to see My Beautiful Fluff in the next few years?

A6.In the next few years, I would like to see My Beautiful Fluff as a household name and expanded to a physical location in Atlanta or Chicago.

Q7. If you could tell someone who is just starting out in a business or any endeavor some advice what would it be?

A7.Stay with it, you will fail so many times before you experience success. Learn and grow from your mistakes but never stop tying.

Wise words from a wise woman. So support Black Businesses because not only does it help the interesting people behind the business but it also helps the younger generations watching who can identify and benefit from what’s being done, sold or made.

That’s my piece, peace, and tell me what you think.

Cherlnell Lane

P.S. Brittany has decided to bless all of my readers with a special discount code. Go to fill your cart with goodies then use “cherlnell” in the promo code box for a discount of 20%.