Extend Beyond

There is a lot of work involved in changing your life and no matter how much you plan there is no way you can prepare for all of the work you have to do. Those of you who are familiar with Cookie Battles or C. J. Lane know that my blog for the last eight years or more has been “A Black Woman Living in Pain” as you see that has changed. The reason that I changed it was that I no longer wanted to pigeonholed. I didn’t want to write from a place of pain.

I am all about this infinite evolution of getting better (whatever that looks like to you.)I was trying to create a new logo and I was working with this awesome artist. I sent him a little blurb about why I was dropping my pen names, changing my brand and the direction I was going in and one of the designs he sent me had an infinity symbol and I instantly fell in love.  I definitely understand the infinity symbol it means; subject to no limitation or extending beyond. How empowering is that? If we could just extend beyond where we are a little at a time oh, Facebook the places we could go! You might be able to make it out of the bed, to the party, finish that business plan, open that community center, complete that college application, hell maybe even go to the moon! The opportunities are limitless. I wanted to apply the properties of the infinity symbol to my Journey to see how it could help me and others. So I created The Infinite Evolution of Life, Learning, and Love, my new blog. The idea is this; walking around the house instead of using the wheelchair, that’s life extending beyond. Reading articles and books or attending a class to get more information about something you’ve Facebook, that’s learning, extending beyond. Giving of yourself and your time to your community when you don’t have the money, that’s love extending beyond.

Wherever you are on your journey, whatever extra reach you can do is extending beyond. The more you do, the more you will be able to do. Won’t you take part in the Evolution with me?

Remember: Extend Beyond

Cherlnell Lane


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I just finished something that I set my mind to do a few months ago. It was this huge looming thing that I knew I had and wanted to do, however, I was afraid. This would be a totally different experience than anything I had experienced before. It was that and more, one of the hardest things I have had to do in a long time but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.