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Writing Through Sexual Trauma for disabled survivors
1:00 PM13:00

Writing Through Sexual Trauma for disabled survivors

Join us for a workshop geared towards disabled survivors of sexual trauma and abuse. "Writing Through Sexual Trauma for Disabled Survivors" is meant to be a healing and safer space to explore, share, and process our emotions and experiences as they relate to sexual trauma and abuse. Through using and practicing the written word together, we will learn how writing and other activities can help us reveal, deal, and heal, individually and collectively from the trauma of abuse.

Tickets (free but please register):

About the facilitator:
Cherlnell Lane is an author, poet, speaker, and teacher who bares her soul to heal others. Cherlnell uses her words to create incredible worlds and stories that, change the minds of those around her. Dealing with topics most people won’t dare mention. Cherlnell uses her life experiences; to reach people with her blog, inspire people with her written work, and teach people with her curriculum.

There will be a healing/self-care/sensory break space available as well as an emotional support person available to listen if you need to take space away from the group.

The venue is wheelchair accessible, including the bathroom. Some snacks will be available. Please refrain from wearing fragrance products. Please message with any questions or access needs.

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Overcoming Stigma with the Power of your Story
7:00 PM19:00

Overcoming Stigma with the Power of your Story

Join us for our 1st webinar with Writer Cherlnell Lane and Sista Afya's Founder, Camesha Jones where you'll learn strategies to overcome the stigma of mental illness. Camesha & Cherlnell will share how they used their personal stories as a vehicle to change their lives and support others.

Cost: $15
RSVP at: www.sistaafya.com/services
Learn more about Cherlnell at: https://www.cherlnell.com/
Learn more about Camesha at: https://about.me/camesha

This webinar is open to all people ages 16+

This Webinar includes:

- 50-minute talk & presentation.

- A short guide to overcoming stigma with power.

- Discount code for our Wellness Journal

We can't wait for you to join us on Sept. 19th!

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